Corning FTTH Fundamentals Training
From the network node to the living room
 ID: FTTH BASIC Price: 99 EUR (excl. VAT) Duration: 2 Days

Course Description

This two-day course is aimed at all those who are looking for an introduction to Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and provides an overview of the most important FTTx design variants, related standards and cabling concepts for the different network levels. We move step by step through the entire passive network, starting from the switch centre, always along the fibre to the customer outlet. The theoretical parts are repeatedly supplemented by practical examples of corresponding Corning solutions, however, a functional installation is not carried out during this course.

  • The training focuses on a basic understanding of the different FTTH network levels. 
  • In addition, participants will learn about Corning's FTTH products and solutions and will be introduced to their areas of application.
  • FTTx designs in comparison
  • Overview Singlemode Fibre Optics and Standards
  • Introduction of single and multi-fibre management system
  • Solutions for network nodes
  • Centrix and PasMAX in practice
  • EDGE overview
  • Solutions for access networks
  • KVZ, FRECAP and miniXtend in practice
  • Customer access solutions and acceptance testing advice
  • BAT, SFT and SWT in practice
  • Overview of additional product options
    OptiTAP/OptiTIP, Invisible Drop, OptiSnap, OptiTect, Altos, Tools

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