LANscape Fundamentals Training – Classic
 ID: LANscape FUND-CL Price: 795 EUR (excl. VAT) Duration: 2 Days 

Course Description

This Classic LANscape Solutions Installer Training provides cabling professionals with a sound foundation on the basics of optical communications and copper networks. It combines the real‐world experience of Corning experts and Corning´s latest technology to address the needs of installers who design, install, test and maintain Corning’s solutions for local area networks. The course covers the same material as in the blended learning with a mix of theoretical and practical hands-on, but is delivered in a classroom environment only. It has been developed following instructional design guidelines that encourage both interactivity and practical learning the course offers content for everyone, no matter what your role they have.

This training is organised as a 2 day Classroom session and does not contain any e‐learning Delivered in French and Spanish language, appropriate to venue.


  • It provides an overview of structured cabling concepts and components for local area networks whether on-premise or across campus. Participants gain the knowledge of Corning products, their application and the relevant optical fibre standards.
  • It provides the fundamental skills to install and test a passive communication network. The online content is complemented with in‐person class, which provides effective hands-on experience
  • It serves as a key component of Corning’s NPI membership programme. A prerequisite for on-boarding with the programme.


1 - Fibre Basics 6 - Fibre Measurement
2 - Fibre Cables 7 - Fibre Troubleshooting
3 - Fibre Termination    8 - Copper Basics
4 - Fibre Hardware 9 - Cable Constructions and 10GBASE-T
5 - Fibre Standards 10 - Copper Systems & Standards

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