Corning FTTH Measurement Methods
 ID: FTTH MM Price: 799 EUR (excl. VAT) Duration: 1 Day 

Course Description

Corning See the Light FTTH Measurement Workshop is designed to train FTTH Installers on efficient acceptance testing methods. The training focusses on conveying relevant content to prevent trouble in FTTx PON Networks and is intended to familarize with the related installation professionals on basics of optical communication and measurement procedures, shown through practical sessions. The goal is to make installers ready to identfiy best available installation and measurement solutions, to plan and install FTTH networks and avoid mistakes in installation processes.


  • Efficient acceptance testing and trouble shooting of FTTx PON Networks
  • Reduces application errors
  • Serves as a specialisation authorisation for Cornings´ Extended Warrenty for Fibre to the Home installations


1 - Introduction to FTTx Networks
4 - Measurement methods
2 - Performance and specifications of key components
5 - Exercise on test routes  (acceptance testing)
3 - Laser safety, requirements of German insurance association
6 - Trouble shooting on test routes

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