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FAST product features

Easy to Install - On-Time Deployment
Our Fast Products are designed to make your installation as easy as possible in order to safe project time and inventory and provide highly reliable results for successful project completion.

Please also check on our LAN core catalogue and list or DC core catalogue and list for further details.

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Ready to Ship - 72 Hours
Designed to support small day-to-day installations or moves, adds, and changes (MACS). It provides expedited shipping on select LAN and data centre core products, ready to ship within 72 hours from our fast assembly lines and in-stock product assortment.

Made to Order - Two Weeks Onsite
Designed for small- to medium-sized projects, this programme delivers select data centre core products within two weeks of order in France, Germany, and the UK, and “ready to ship” within two weeks for the rest of EMEA.