Corning Fiber Optic Basics

At Corning, we take pride in providing tools to help easily expand your fiber knowledge. Use the following resources to learn more about how fiber optics work and why the technology is so important to the vast and ever-growing world of innovation.

Explore the following links and complete the e-Modules provided. Each module varies in length from five to twenty minutes. Then, to gauge your base knowledge, take the short quiz provided.

Additionally, go ahead and click on the other links to familiarize yourself with some of the great tools Corning has to offer, keeping you in the loop on important product, tool, and resource announcements.                                   

STEP #1: Review the Following:

 STEP #2: Download the Tools

 STEP #3: Stay Connected

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Note: The Fiber 101 e-Modules are presented through Adobe Connect. Mobile users may not be able to access without
an Adobe Presenter App installed. Prior to viewing the e-Modules, click here to test your connection. If your company
blocks certain sites, don't forget that you can use your Smartphone or home computer. Some links may prompt you to
click on "open a new window" to view.


Congratulations! You are now on your way to being FiberSmart.  

Feel free to contact me via email with any questions or to learn more about Corning training.

Dede Starnes
Program Manager, See the Light Training
Corning Optical Communications