Corning’s secure solutions product offerings offer top-of-the-line network security as well as more efficiency, speed and convenience in identifying networks. With a colorful assortment of keyed and non-keyed  offerings, Corning’s secure solutions allows a completely customizable installation of LC and MTP® connectors and cable jackets from the data center (DC) to the local area network (LAN). Secure pre-terminated and field-terminated products are ready to be deployed in campus environments, building backbones, horizontal environments and data centers.

  • Efficiency: Customizable colors and keying throughout the facility allows for faster and easier network identification
  • Security: With the ability to distinguish high-risk and low-risk areas, as well as keys that are non-duplicable with standard components, this offering enables a next-generation approach to network security
  • Flexibility: Twelve different colors to choose from for pre-terminated or field-terminated applications; keyed and non-keyed options available for a user-friendly installation. A full solution of connectors, adapters, modules and jumpers are available

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